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176670 - The Danish сollection annual ​dessert spoon​ "Holy night".

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The Danish сollection annual ​dessert spoon​ "Holy night".
Silver, gilding, enamel.​

Denmark, Anton Michelsen, year 1934.

Length: 16 cm
Weight: 48 grams of sterling silver 925 fineness.

Scratches and scuffs from previous use.

Mark of the designer.
«A.MICHELSEN Sterling Danmark» - mark, confirming that the item is made in Danish workshop, of the supplier of the Danish royal court, and has the sterling silver.
Each year since 1910 the eminent Danish manufacturer of silverware A. Michelsen produces the Christmas Spoon and dessert sets, consisting of spoons and forks. Danes, and not only they,
traditionally include the cutlery of this series in Christmas gifts for the relatives. The most interesting Danish designers, painters and sculptors become the authors of design of these collection cutlery.


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