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Информация о лоте 185778 - Silver dining​ forks, 6 pcs​.

Этот артикул в архиве

Silver dining​ forks, 6 pcs​.
In a box.

Russian Empire (Russia), Moscow, the 1880-1917, workshop of Marshak Iosif Abramovich.

Length: 22 cm
Total weight: 551 grams of silver 84 fineness in zolotniki ( = 875 metrical fineness).

There is monogram.


""ИОСИФ МАРШАКЪ"" - the mark of Marshak Iosif Abramovich,
the owner of the workshop (Moscow and Kiev, worked since 1878 to 1917).

One fork the mark of the firm "Ф.А.ЛОРIЕ", by the owner of the jewelry and silverware factory
Fyodor Anatolyevich Лoрie, founded in 1871.

The double Russian hallmark, 1880s - 1899 - "St. George with number 84", where:
"St. George" – the Moscow city mark;
"84" – the fineness mark (84 zolotniks = 875).

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