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Информация о лоте 186683 - Silver tea spoon.

Этот артикул в архиве

Silver tea spoon.

Russian Empire (Russia), St. Petersburg, year 1847, workshop "Nichols & Plinke" -
Supplier to the Court of His Imperial Majesty of the Russian Empire.
Master Falck Johann Frederik.

Length: 14 cm.
Weight: 21 grams of silver 84 fineness in zolotniki ( = 875 metrical fineness).


"N&P" - a mark with the abbreviated name Nichols Karl and Plinke,
owners of a silver workshop ( worked since 1829 to 1898).

"IFF" - mark with the initials Falck Johann Frederik (born in 1799 in Svenborg),
Since 1838, a silversmith, he worked for the English firm "Nichols & Plinke".

The Russian hallmarks until 1899, where:
"ДТ" - the initials of the assay master Tverskoy Dmitry Ilyich (worked since 1834 to 1851);
"1847" - year of assay;
"84" – the fineness mark (84 zolotniks = 875);
"two anchors, laid crosswise and scepter" - the Petersburg city mark.

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