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192212 - Ceramic mug "Hattifatteners" (Hattivatit). Finland, Arabia.

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Ceramic mug "Hattifatteners" (Hattivatit). Finland, Arabia.

In production since 2007.
Designer: Tove Slotte.
Factory mark.

Height: 8 cm, diameter of the top: 8 cm.
According to the factory, the volume: 300 ml, in fact: 200 ml.

There is a micro chip on the rim of the base.

The Hattifatteners live in crowds and wander towards the horizon.
When they stop, they stand close together and tremble.
During thunderstorms, they become highly charged with electricity.

The illustrations are from Tove Jansson’s first picture book The book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My (1952).


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