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205452 - Gold-plated oval tray with handles with slotted sides

Информация о лоте

Gold-plated oval tray with handles with slotted sides
from the Scandia Gold Quality series.
In the original box​.
The tray is new.

From the manufacturer's brochure:
Specially developed method of coating everyday items with 24 carat gold
gives them not only an attractive appearance, but also increases their wear resistance. Despite
Despite the fact that gold is a soft metal, production tests have shown that the products of the Scandia Gold series:
have good resistance to abrasion and acids (except fruit acid),
resistant to fats, withstand temperatures in the oven up to 200 degrees,
do not require additional polishing - for everyday care, it is enough to wash under water with detergent
dishwashing detergent and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Sweden, Karlshamn, workshop Scandia Presen (founded in 1969).

Height: 3.3 cm, length (without handles): 34 cm, width: 24.5 cm.

See the photo for the condition of the original box.

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