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214335 - Silver souvenir tea spoons, 6 pcs.

Информация о лоте

Silver souvenir tea spoons, 6 pcs.

Replicas of William Cawdell spoons, commissioned and presented to Sir Robert Tichborne
(Robert Tichborne, Lord Mayor of London) in 1657.
The handle of each spoon is decorated with a three-dimensional figure of a famous legendary character or historical figure
(Hector of Troy, Alexander the Great, Guy Julius Caesar, King Arthur, Guy of Warwick, King David).

England, London, year 1977, Birmingham mint, workshop C.J. Vander Ltd (worked since 1955 to 2000).

Length: 12.5 cm.
Total weight: 141.6 grams of sterling silver 925 fineness.

The high price of the product is due to the fact that it has been tested and registered
​in the State Federal Russian Assay Chamber.

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