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214684 - Ceramic mug "Sleep well​" (Nuku hyvin). Finland, Arabia.

Информация о лоте

Ceramic mug "Sleep well​" (Nuku hyvin). Finland, Arabia.

Finland, Arabia, made in Thailand.
In production since 2019.
Designer: Tove Slotte.
Factory mark.

Height: 8 cm, top diameter: 8 cm.
According to the factory, the volume - 300 ml, in fact - 200 ml.

Without chips, damage and restorations.
With factory label.

Moominpappa takes his family to live on an island with a deserted lighthouse. His tired family arrives on the island in the dark,
so he sets up a tent on the beach, where they can spend the first night. Moominpappa stays up all night with only the sea and a hurricane lamp for company.

The mug is decorated with Tove Jansson’s original illustration from Moominpappa at Sea (1965).

(All Arabia mugs have been produced in Thailand since 2015).


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