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Информация о лоте 225234 - GJY_1973

Georg Jensen: The Danish сollection annual​ dessert spoon "Corn Marigold", year 1973.
Silver, gilding, enamel.

By the world - famous silversmith "Georg Jensen", Denmark, Copenhagen.

Length: 15 cm.
Weight: 45 grams of sterling silver ( = 925 metrical fineness).

Spoon is new in original pack.
Dark spots are silver patina that could be easily washed off. I didn’t remove it so you could be sure that you buy a new item.
A silver cleaning cloth is included with the spoon to remove the black spots in an instant.

"GEORG JENSEN" in an oval surrounded by dots - the mark of the designer home "Georg Jensen", used from the 1945 year until today.
"RA AB" - are the initials of the authors design Rigmor Andersen and Annelise Bjørner.
Mark "Sterling Denmark" mean that the item are made in Denmark from sterling silver (.925).

"Georg Jensen" - one of the oldest design homes of Northland, founded in 1904 year by the famous jeweler - Georg Jensen (years of life: 1866-1935).
After death of the artist the "New York Herald Tribune" wrote about his talent: "…The greatest silversmith of the last 300 years…".
Today "Georg Jensen" is a branch of "Royal Scandinavia Group" and high quality of each one item - is the main design signature.

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