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231956 - Porcelain vase "Rundskuedag 1925",

Информация о лоте

Porcelain vase "Rundskuedag 1925",
decorated with a seascape with a sailboat​.
Hand-painted underglaze.

Rundskuedag (Rotation Day or Carousel Day) is a large-scale mass event with numerous
excursions to various industrial enterprises, contests and prize draws, which was held
every September in Copenhagen from 1910 to 1987. All funds received during this event
were directed to charity.

Denmark, Copenhagen, Royal Copenhagen, year 1925.
"205" - the number of the artist, painted this vase.
Factory mark.

Height: 16.5 cm, diameter of the top: 5.3 cm.

Vase of the first sort.
No chips, damages and restorations.


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