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240173 - Ceramic mug "Fillyfjonk grey​" (Vilijonkka harmaa). Finland, Arabia.

Информация о лоте

Ceramic mug "Fillyfjonk grey​" (Vilijonkka harmaa). Finland, Arabia.

Finland, Arabia, made in Thailand.
In production since 2021.
Designer: Tove Slotte.
Factory mark.

Height: 8 cm, diameter of the top: 8 cm.
According to the factory, the volume: 300 ml, in fact: 200 ml.

Without chips, damages and restorations.
With factory label.

Mrs. Fillyfjonk is a mother of three.
She is obsessed with cleaning her house and is at her best when organising a spring cleaning.

The original illustrations from Tove Jansson's "Moominvalley in November" (1970) and
comic No. 21 "Fuddler’s Courtship" (1959) were used for the design of the mug.

(All Arabia mugs have been produced in Thailand since 2015).


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