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246266 - Ceramic mug "Ninny powder" (Ninni puuteri). Finland, Arabia.

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Ceramic mug "Ninny powder" (Ninni puuteri). Finland, Arabia.

Production year 2019.
Factory mark.
Designer: Tove Slotte.

Height: 8 cm, diameter of the top: 8 cm.
According to the factory, the volume: 300 ml, in fact: 200 ml.

Without chips, damages and restorations.

Ninny, the invisible child from Moomin stories, has become unnoticable due to ill treatment.
The only visible part of her is a tiny silver bell, hanging on her neck. The Moomin family's warm,
loving and tolerant ways restore Ninni's self confidence, and she becomes visible again.

Tove Jansson's story "The Invisible Child" (1962) is the basis for the illustration of this mug.


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