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248602 - Silver cutlery set for 6 people, 32 items.

Информация о лоте

Silver cutlery set for 6 people, 32 items.
Art Deco. Pattern "Champagne" by Jens Harald Quistgaard.

Denmark, Copenhagen, workshop Orla Vagn Mogensen (worked since 1949 to 1975).

Individual devices, 30 items:
Dinner spoons, 6 pcs, length: 19.5 cm.
Dinner forks, 6 pcs, length: 19 cm.
Dinner knives, 6 pcs, length: 21 cm.
Dessert cake forks, 6 pcs., length: 14.2 cm.
Small teaspoons, 6 pcs, length: 11.2 cm.

Serving utensils, 2 pcs:
Serving spoon, length: 20.2 cm.
Ladle for sauces, length: 16.5 cm.

Total weight of all-silver devices: 1216 grams of silver 830 fineness.
Total weight of knives with silver handles and steel blades: 486 grams.

"OVM" - hallmark of a Danish workshop Orla Vagn Mogensen.
"830S" confirms, that the item is made of silver 830 fineness.


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