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Информация о лоте 250653 - Porcelain dresser or trinket box,

Porcelain dresser or trinket box,
decorated with a drawing of a cat sitting on the windowsill and looking out the window.
Hand-painted underglaze.

Denmark, Copenhagen, Royal Copenhagen, the 1898-1923.
Factory mark.
Model: 299.
"158" - the number of the artist, painted this vase, worked at the factory since 1911 to 1931.

Height: 5 cm, length: 10 cm, width: 7.5 cm.

Vase of the first sort.
Without chips, damage and restorations.
On the lid there is a manufacturing defect in the form of a small unpainted speck due to a bursting bubble of glaze.

RC_299 Кошка Кот zzz

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