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252325 - Annual porcelain​ figurine "Freddie the bear on skis"

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Annual porcelain​ figurine "Freddie the bear on skis"
from the series "Freddie and his friends".

​In original box.

The figure of this series has been produced for 4 years.

Denmark, Copenhagen, Bing & Grondahl, year 2000.
Sculptor: Sven Westergaard.
Limited edition.
Factory mark.

Height: 10 cm, base diameter: 4 cm.

Figurine of the first sort.
Without chips, damage and restorations.

A series of figures and wall plates "Freddie and His Friends", designed by a Danish artist
Sven Vestergaard, produced by Bing & Grondahl from 2000 to 2003. The series tells about
fascinating moments from the life of a charming teddy bear and, in addition to plates,
includes 4 of his figurines:

2000, Freddie on skis
2001, Freddie sitting with a barrel of honey
2002, Freddie in a pilot's jacket and goggles
2003, Freddie playing golf

The presented statuette captured Freddie the bear, concentrated in front of
dizzying downhill skiing from a steep mountain. He has a backpack behind him, where he sits.
Little friend is a monkey.

BG_ Freddie_2000

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