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Информация о лоте 255529 - Bowl or sugar bowl​ with handle.

Bowl or sugar bowl​ with handle.
Crystal, silver of 84 fineness.

Russian Empire (Russia), St. Petersburg, the 1899-1908, workshop Rozen Yakov Mikhailovich.

Height on the edge: 9.5 cm, handle lifted height: 14.5 cm, diameter of the top: 10 cm.


"ЯР" - the mark with initials of Rozen Yakov Mikhailovich, owner of a silverware workshop (worked since 1898 to 1917).

Triple Russian hallmark in the oval 1899-1908 -
"the women’s head wearing a kokoshnik facing to the left" with number "84" and letters "ЯЛ", where:
"the women’s head facing to the left" - the national hallmark;
"ЯЛ" - the initials of the assay master Yakov Nikolayevich Lyapunov (worked since 1898 to 1903);
"84" – the fineness mark (84 zolotniks = 875).

"Two anchors, laid crosswise and scepter" in a circle frame-shape - an auxiliary mark, certifying that the details of this item are
made of the declared silver fineness.

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