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267284 - Painting (reproduction) "Fire at Skindergade", made on porcelain.

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Painting (reproduction) "Fire at Skindergade", made on porcelain.

The picture was painted by Paul Fischer (years of life: 1860-1934) in year 1896.

Denmark, Copenhagen, Bing & Grondahl.
Limited edition: 1574 / 1750.
Factory mark.

The frame dimensions: 39,5 x 33,7 cm.
The picture dimensions: 27,2 х 21 cm.

The series consists of four landscapes by P.G. Fisher:
"Fire at Skindergade​" (Ildløs i Skindergade), 1896.
"Fishing Wives in Gammel Strand" (Fiskerkonerne på Gammel Strand), 1917.
"Winter day at Gammeltorv square" (Vinterdag på Gammeltorv), 1919.
"Hoybro square, view of Amagertorv​" (Højbro plads set mod Amagertorv), 1920.

Without chips, damage and restorations.


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