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Информация о лоте 267608 - Silver dining spoon.

Silver dining spoon.

Russian Empire (Russia), Pskov, year 1874.

Length: 21 cm.
Weight: 60 grams of silver 84 fineness in zolotniki ( = 875 metrical fineness).


The mark with initials of silversmith.

The Russian hallmarks until 1899, where:
"ДИ"- the initials of the assay master Izyurov Dmitry Leontievich (worked sicnce 1856 to 1881).
"1874" year of assay.
"84" – the fineness mark (84 zolotniks = 875).
"leopard walking to the left and hand emerging from the cloud" - the Pskov city mark.

In Soviet time the item was re-assayed by the mark Estonia:
"Walking Lion" - the national hallmark; confirms, that the item is made from the precious metal alloy with
fineness not less, than minimal standard of country.
"875" – the fineness mark.

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