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273355 - Silver cutlery set for one person (Egoiste), 16 items.

Информация о лоте

Silver cutlery set for one person (Egoiste), 16 items.
Pattern "Rococo".

Sweden, Stockholm, year 1924, workshop W.A. Bolin.

Dinner spoon, length: 21.7 cm.
Dinner cup, length: 22 cm.
Dinner knife, length: 25.5 cm.
Lunch dinner spoon, length: 18.3 cm.
Lunch dinner fork, length: 18.5 cm.
Small dinner knife, length: 21.5 cm.
Fish fork, length: 17.5 cm.
Fish knife, length: 21 cm.
Lobster fork, length: 18.2 cm.
Oyster fork, length: 13.9 cm.
Teaspoon, length: 15 cm.
Coffee spoon, length: 10.5 cm.
Coffee spoon, length: 8.7 cm.
Dessert spoon, length: 11.8 cm.
Dessert fork, length: 14.2 cm.
Dessert knife, length: 18 cm.

Total weight of all-silver devices: 516 grams of silver 830 fineness.
Total weight of knives with silver handles and steel blades: 194 grams.

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