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278058 - Porcelain figurine "Dachshund".

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Porcelain figurine "Dachshund".
Hand-painted underglaze.

Denmark, Copenhagen, Royal Copenhagen, the 1975-1979.
Sculptor: Olaf Mathiesen (years of life: 1878-1935).
Model: 1407. Produced since 1912.
The initials of the artist painted this figurin: UT .
Factory mark.

Height: 7 cm, length: 10.5 cm.

Figurine of the fourth sort.
The figurine has absolutely no obvious manufacturing defects,
due to which it could be assigned a sort 4.
Without chips, damage and restorations.

The figurine was produced also after the merger of the factories
Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl (1985-1989) under the brand name Royal Copenhagen, model: 102.

RC_1407 (RCN_102) Собака

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