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285860 - Tea strainer.

Информация о лоте

Tea strainer.
Silver, gilding, filigree enamel​.

USSR, Leningrad, LPO "Russian Gems", year 1982.

Maximum length: 11.5 cm,
height of the sieve to the top of the lid: 3.3 cm,diameter of the top: 2.7 cm.

Weight: 32 grams of sterling silver 925 fineness.

".2T" - the mark of the LPO "Russian Gems", Leningrad, year 1982.

The triple Soviet- Russian hallmark, 1958-1993 –
"sickle and hammer inside a five-pointed star" with letter "л" and number "925", where:
"sickle and hammer inside a five-pointed star" – the national hallmark;
letter "л" - code of the Moscow Assaying Office.
"925" – the fineness mark.

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