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Информация о лоте 293702 - Porcelain figurine "Poodle".

Porcelain figurine "Poodle".
Hand-painted underglaze.

Denmark, Copenhagen, Royal Copenhagen, the 1898-1923.
Sculptor: Peter Herold (years of life: 1879-1920).
Painting design: 0.
Model: 1719. Produced since 1915.
According to the Pope catalogue, the figure was painted by the artist, who worked at the factory in 1912,
which does not correspond to the marking of the figurine.
"164" - the number of the artist, painted the figurine, he worked at the factory in 1912.
Factory mark.

Height: 18 cm, length: 26.5 cm.

Figurine of the first sort.
Without chips, damage and restorations.

RC_1719_0 Водоплавающая птица

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