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298466 - Silver coffee spoon.

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Silver coffee spoon.

Germany, first half of the 20th century.
Later the spoon was restored and re-appointed in the USSR, Estonian SSR,
Tallinn, Jewelry factory, year 1955.

Length: 10.7 cm.
Weight: 9 grams of silver 800 fineness.


The letter "Р" is a mark for restored items after 1951.

"ТФ5" - mark of the Jewelry Factory, Tallinn, year 1955.

The triple Soviet hallmark in the form of a shovel, 1954-1958 –
"worker's head" with letter "н" and number "800", where:
"worker's head" – the national hallmark;
“Н” (this) is the code of the Tallinn Assay Supervision Inspectorate;
"800" – the fineness mark.

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