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Информация о лоте 299843 - Porcelain figurine "Boy with gourd".

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Porcelain figurine "Boy with gourd".
Hand-painted underglaze.

Denmark, Copenhagen, Royal Copenhagen, the 1969-1974.
Sculptor: J.M. Nissen.
Model: 4539.
The initials of the artist painted this figurine: Bi .
Factory mark.

Height: 12 cm, length: 11 cm.

Figurine of the third sort.
The figurine has no obvious manufacturing defects, possibly
The third sort was assigned to her because of the faded glaze covering the pumpkin
at the junction with the boy's legs.
Without chips, damage and restorations.

The figurine was produced also after the merger of the factories Royal Copenhagen
and Bing & Grondahl (1985-1989) under the brand name Royal Copenhagen, model: 153.

RC_4539 (RCN_153) Люди Дети

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