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Информация о лоте 212109 - Silver dining fork.

Silver dining fork.

Russian Empire (Russia), Moscow, year 1890, worksop of P. Ovchinnikov - Supplier the Russian Imperial Court.

Length: 21.5 cm.
Weight: 86 grams of silver 84 fineness in zolotniki ( = 875 metrical fineness).

There is engraving on the fork.


"П.Овчинниковъ" - a mark with the abbreviated name of Pavel Akimovich Ovchinnikov, a silversmith, owner
of a firm for the production of gold and silver items. Since 1865 the company has become a regular supplier
of the Court of Tsarevich Alexander (the future Emperor Alexander III) and receives the highest status
of "court". In 1872 the company was awarded the title of supplier to the Court of His Imperial Majesty,
in 1878 - the title of supplier to the Court of Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolaevich. In 1881 and 1896 the status
of the court supplier was confirmed.

"Double-headed eagle" - Imperial Warrant mark, certifying the title Supplier the Russian Imperial Court.

The Russian hallmarks until 1899, where:
"AР" - the initials of the assay master Romanov A. (worked since 1886 to 1894);
"1890" - year of assay;
"84" – the fineness mark (84 zolotniks = 875);
"St. George" – the Moscow city mark.

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